Sam's Easter B Day Party Pack!

$31.31 - $43.00
  • Sam's Easter B Day Party Pack!

ALL ITEMS ARE UNRELEASED! Brand new, never before seen. Just order (1) because there won’t be multiple versions of designs.

April 9th!

ETA will be sometime in MAY. Order this SOLO, so it ships without anything else holding anything up. Everything needs to be made from scratch and depending on how many sell, will dictate the shirt design, inks, types of stickers etc.

There will be NO city stuff, all hockey generics. No weird colors, etc!

NO RETURNS! We promise these will be banging though. : )

Softy tees are basically a thinner, softer, more 'fitted', premium style garment. Worth the extra few bucks per tee if you like that style. (I love that style and am currently rocking a softy tee while typing this lol)

This is all UNISEX sizing.

You trust me to hook you up for my bday? ; )

ETA - sometime in MAY