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Enter the characters from the image. ETA LIST as of 4/8/21: (COVID 19 IS DELAYING ALL CUSTOM / Pre-SALE ORDERS) Luminous computer / laptop pads: 3/10 They shipped out to us 2/3. Usually takes a few weeks to come in but Texas Storms have slowed everything up in transit. We have contacted Fedex, and they have opened a claim to find the 'in transit' box to us. 3/21: Fedex says it can take a few weeks. We ordered more pads in the meantime, so depending on which shipment shows up first, we'll be shipping those out asap and adding goodies for everyone! 3/31 - Fedex Claim is still active. Box of re shipment is scheduled to ship to us April 7th. 4/8 - Fedex Claim active. Received tracking for re-order shipment 4/8. ETA on tracking says unknown at this time. (We think the label was just printed out) Custom windbreakers round 2 - Shipping out week of April 12th All tees / orders- On that normal 14 business day ETA for production. Blanks are coming in slower so maaaaay be a bit longer than usual. Like 16ish