When does my order ship?

Purchased items will be shipped within 14 business days of the order due to all goods being made to order, although most will be shipped within 4 to 5. Please allow up to 3 weeks for your delivery to arrive for domestic orders. If you still have not received your purchase after 3 weeks, please notify bhbhelp@hotmail.com. If you ordered an item marked 'pre-sale' please read the ETA listed within the product info.  An ETA is only an ESTIMATE of when BHB thinks they will be ready to ship out.  Holidays, and other factors like production delays and inclement weather for shipping, can and will delay the ETA listed. 


Puck Racism Jerseys - 98% of them have shipped. Waiting on a few stragglers from the supplier who does stitching.  They have been hit hard with the pandemic.  

Tie Dye tees - Waiting on complete shipment of blank tees from tie die supplier still.  Partial shipment of blanks received 7/23.  Those will ship / print soon.  Continuing to wait for the rest of blanks as the supplier has been hit hard with the pandemic.   

Boardshorts - ETA Middish August.  Arizona is now the hottest spot in the US and production will slow down.  

LBC / DC pre-sale hats due later in August pending the virus.

Baseball Mashup jerseys - due later in August pending the virus.

Summer Tanks Round 2 - due later in August pending the virus      

Round 2 Summer tanks - due later in August pending the virus

All Tees- On that normal 14 business day ETA for production.