Jax Jets Team Sale (Pre-sale)

$20.00 - $48.00
  • Jax Jets Team Sale (Pre-sale)
  • Jax Jets Team Sale (Pre-sale)

We are collaborating with Jax Adaptive Hockey Club to release this special jersey and socks combo for athletes, coaches and friends /fam!

Hockey Jersey fit-

We are going with special size chart for these. If you want a more relaxed fit or have larger sized shoulder pads, never a bad idea to go up at least one size from what you normally wear. If you want a very snug fit or your athlete likes it to be really tight and small, go down. Grab a jersey and measure it up to the chart and you should have a good baseline on what to order.

A adult medium fits 5'10 150 pounds (no shoulder pads). An adult large fits me, at 6 foot 170 pounds for reference. (no shoulder pads) and XL with pads.

I put an adult size small on (6 foot 170) without shoulder pads and it fit like a tight long sleeve.

These jerseys will be made with a slightly lighter than a normal weight jersey so you can wear it out and not overheat.

Please email us at [email protected] with the first name of the athlete and number you would like per jersey like this:

Hey BHB I would like a SIZE NAME #

Hey BHB I would like an Adult Small SAM 61

Please add your order number as well in the email.

Socks - Most adult peeps are size 2Xlarge but check current socks you have to double check. Small through large are mostly for youth.


***************These will be on the site for sale through 4/30/24. We will gather all the orders together, order the jerseys, then they'll go to print. These are not ready to ship, everything will be made to order. We don't have stock. Production is about a 3ish weeks to a monthish. We will email confirmations for jersey selections just after the 30th : )

All jerseys will be delivered to Beth to be handed out in person : )

Thank you!

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