$18.00 - $50.00
  • DEFEND LAKE TAHOE [Fundraiser]

Net proceeds will benefit (3) non profits / foundations to assist and aid those who have been displaced by the fires with monetary relief, food, shelter, etc.

We will split the $$ evenly. : )

1. El Dorado Community Foundation Caldor Fire Fund
2. Hands4Hope
3. El Dorado County Animal Services

Printed on unisex tees + beach hoodies. (Thinner / softer style hoodie)

Softy tees are basically more fitted / softer / thinner garments. Worth the extra couple bucks if you like that style!

Must sell 48 to go to print. That way we can make sure there is a decent amount of funds available to donate.


And PLEASE don't use discount codes on fundraiser tees. Otherwise it washes donations.

Printed on Navy tees and Navy heather beach hoodies!